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40 Classic Billiard Room Ideas For The Home

40 Classic Billiard Room Ideas For The Home

After a long day at work, we all need to relax and have some fun. We may want to go out with friends, but sometimes we’re too tired for that and have to stay indoors and find something to do at home. So why not have a billiard room? A billiard room is basically a recreational room with a pool table, but it can also have other options like a home theater or a family area. A billiard room is one of the best places for indoor recreation. You can invite your friends over to enjoy it, or keep it in the family and just have a good time to wind up the day. Even by yourself, shooting some pool is great stress relief.

So what makes a good billiard room? First, it should have enough space. Second, the room should have proper lighting, which includes both overhead lighting and multi-bulb lighting. Billiard rooms with windows should have curtains to prevent excessive glare. Below is a collection of the most amazing billiards rooms that we have seen.

The green lamps complement the pool table, giving this billiard room a chic appearance. The polished mahogany floors make a bold statement on behalf of the design. The little antiques on the wall complete the vintage look.

This modern billiard room looks amazing. It doubles up as a family room and a game room. The dark hardwood floors complement the walls and the table itself. The large balcony window completes this elegant room.

This room has a feeling of tranquility. The lack of decorations, paintings and windows make it a wonderful place to come and relax after a long day at work. The plainness of this room is a bold yet brilliant move of interior decoration.

Combining a cinema room and a snooker room is a brilliant idea. The ray walls and floor complement each other perfectly. The cozy seats and the modern table help to continue the theme of the house.

This room has a perfect country club setting. The antique pool  tables look amazing. The wooden seats and coffee table complement the pool tables to give this gentleman’s club themed room an elegant look.

This traditional room looks stylish. The chandelier gives the room an elegant  look. The large windows allow in light that is reflected by the white walls. The Persian carpet is timeless.

This dining room take over is classic. The polished pool table, the chairs and even the large windows give this room a futuristic look. The plain ceiling and floor complement each other perfectly.

This family room doubles as the game room and billiards room. The large windows give this room an outdoor feeling. The summer theme and decorations would be perfect for a villa.

Now this is how you furnish a penthouse. The choice of a gray theme for a family room is wise. The chairs, the pool table, the floor and even the lamp all help to complete the theme of this room.

The cream and white colored walls give this minimalist room  a nice and simple look. The hardwood pool table complements the polished floor perfectly.

The hardwood floor and pool table complement each other perfectly, while the rough walls give this room a unique look. The lights above the pool table illuminate it nicely.

The table here is an oversized antique. This billiard room has a perfect view out past the live plants and gracefully curved stairs.

This room has a calm feeling thanks to the plain walls, which send a feeling of tranquility all over. The stationing of plants at different points in the room gives it a calm yet natural feeling.

This is how you put a basement to good use. The beige pool table with brown finishing complements the room’s theme. The plainness and simplicity of the room makes it perfect for concentrating on your next shot.

This billiards room is mind blowing. The hardwood floors and walls give it an almost outdoor feeling. This is the perfect  room for those who love tree houses.

This room can be described in two words: bright and cheerful. The white walls send a positive vibe all around. The striking resemblance between the pool table and the ball rack is impressive.

This spacious room already looks amazing; adding a pool table to it just magnifies the beauty. The large doors provide a very nice view of the outdoors.

The choice of maroon as the theme for this room is a bold and very unique move. The pool table surface color complements the walls perfectly. One cannot fail to notice the tiny shades of maroon on the floor tiles that help to complete the theme.

The walls of the room are stunning. The choice of a brick theme for the walls is out of this world. The floor is a mix of hardwood and tiles.

The multicolored walls and nice lighting make this room an ideal man cave. The lack of windows indicates that it’s in a basement, while the comfortable leather seats and massive pool table show that it’s more a bachelor’s den than a family room.

This chandelier makes this room feel like it belongs in a castle. The room’s traditional theme choice is actually trendy these days. From the walls to the antiques, the design detail in this room is impressive.

The architectural highlights in this room put most billiard rooms to shame. From the ceiling to the floor, the choice of a traditional theme is bold. This is the perfect theme for a Spanish villa.

This is a classic dining table takeover. It takes courage to try such a move in home design. The blue color of the pool table surface contrasts with the white color in the house, thus making the table stand out in the room.

When it comes to interior home design, mixing artistic paintings and antique furniture never fails. The antique furniture has been placed by the walls all through the room, leaving plenty of space for the pool table in the center.

The deer head lampshades state clearly that this room is a man cave. The choice of dark wood as the theme is impressive. This room has an outdoor feel and is suitable for someone who loves wilderness activities such as hunting.

This family room, doubling as the game room, looks amazing. The medium hardwood floors contrast with the ceiling to give this modern room a chic look.

This white brick wall is stunning, and the cabinets and the ceiling complement it perfectly. The lighting in the room is also impressive.

The pool table in this room steals the show due to its blue color. The surface is a complete contrast with the colors in the rest of the house. Live plants all over the room give it a natural feel.

The theme for this room is amazing; the walls look especially great. The shades of green on the multicolored floor complete the theme that has been set by the walls and the pool table itself.

This game room has a very calm feeling due to the absence of furnishing and decorations throughout. The large window provides a panoramic view of the outdoors, making one feel a bond with nature in this indoor space.

This room looks like a very stylish setting for a gentleman’s club. The wall, the floors and the curtains set the theme for this beautiful room. The lights also complement the pool table surface nicely. The table’s pockets even match the chairs!

This dormer room looks amazing. The windows which are placed at different points in the room complement the brightly colored walls perfectly.

This dining room takeover is a bold but brilliant move in  home design. This large room with no distractions except for the pool table makes an excellent place to clear the mind while playing a game.

Now this is a game room you would want to relax in. From the minibar, to the seats, to the lights, everything is very beautiful and impressive. Even the ceiling looks great.

Adding a minibar to this room was a brilliant idea. This creatively designed bar adds life to a room that would otherwise have been very plain.

The architectural highlights in this room are amazing. The bar that doubles as a miniature wine cellar looks beautiful. The wood accents on the walls and ceiling are impressive.

A billiard room that doubles as a cinema room is impressive, but one that also faces the gym is amazing. No one who walks into this room will lack for something to do. They can play a game of pool, watch a movie or even work out.

This room has very limited interior design and entertainment options. The lights focusing directly on the table clearly tell us that this room is purely for playing the game of pool.

This family room that doubles as the billiard room has a very vintage feel. The dull colors chosen for the theme blanket it with a feeling of tranquility.

This game room has a very lively and playful feel. The black wall contrasts with the white wall and ceiling to good effect. Adding a dartboard makes the black wall even more defined than it already is.

The hardwood floor and the ceiling contrast with each other, giving the room a mixed feeling.The floor is bold and has an outdoor feel, while the ceiling and walls are plain and have a calmer vibe.

This beautiful billiard room that doubles as a family room has achieved the highest standards of home design. The walls in this room are beautiful, and the pillows and curtains help to continue the theme.

This is how one puts a shed dormer to good use. Instead of leaving all that space for old and unwanted stuff, this area can be converted into a nice gaming room.

This is a classic Old West room. The wheel, the chairs and even the decorations (tiny horses) clearly state that this room should be in a ranch house.

The architectural highlights in this room are impressive. From the walls to the floor to the intrados, this room is an architectural masterpiece. Those chairs by the walls also look stunning.

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