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Author: Joseph

Color Theory & Psychology For Interiors: Pick The Right Colors

Color theory may not be something you’ve encountered in depth, but it’s amazingly useful when working out a strategy for your interior project. When it comes to figuring out the paint and accent colors you want for your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. This guide will help you understand color relationships, the psychology of color, and ways to create and combine a color palette that will help accomplish your goals. Your palette should inspire paint color ideas, furniture accents, and overall decor ideas for your home and rooms, so let’s make your palette count! In...

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Home Decorating: From Concept to Completion

When you decide to decorate your own house, figuring out where to start and how to finish can be overwhelming. Sometimes creating an interior home decoration plan can be hard to do if you are not clear on all of the pieces you will need. This guide will help you create that plan and aid you from concept to completion when decorating your whole house. Each section is a foundation for the next and they will build upon each other to help you create a fully formed plan. That being said, this guide is also flexible in that you...

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Design Compass: The Comprehensive Interior Design Style Guide

There are many styles throughout the ages that have defined the decoration and ornamentation of the buildings that we live and work in. A region, a place in time, or even specific principles can define the aesthetic of different design styles. Yet each of them has a unique look and feel. Whether a space is sleek and modern or is a classic interior design style, there is something that fits everyone’s needs. Almost every design type has either evolved from a style or is a direct response to a specific style. Often these different decor types will meld and blend with...

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First Apartment Checklist: 21 Questions You Should Ask

  If you’re at that point in life when you’re ready to start looking for your first apartment, you’ve come to the right place. The process of getting your first apartment can be lots of fun, but you must also be weary, as there are many decisions you’ll need to consider before you find an apartment that’s right for you. Moving is a big step, and there’s not only a lot of pressure from all parties involved, but also a whole lot of decisions, many of which you don’t even realize you’re making. Pressure and decisions don’t always make the best...

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Read Much? 19 Largest Libraries Ever Built

Some focus on specific centuries, some on local cultural history, and still others on the general interest of the public, encompassing a broad range of collections. Most of the libraries on this list are research libraries, established centuries ago, but given their broad selection of collections, I find it hard to believe and any of them would leave you wanting more. If you’re a traveling book worm, this may just be a great list for you to follow and visit on your adventures. Whatever your use, enjoy! The British Library, London – 170 million items Behold, the largest library...

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