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22 Reasons To Look Up: Breathtaking Vaults And Ceilings

Here we have a collection of some absolutely breathtaking vaulted ceilings. From cathedrals to libraries, Gothic to Islamic, US to UK, there are so many to choose from. And they are all mesmerizing in their own way. Some for their sheer size and magnitude, others for the delicate intricacies implanted by famous artists and architects of their time. While many are drawn to old architecture of these styles out of casual curiosity, each structure here has an amazing history behind it; one that goes much, much deeper than most people think to look. These histories are filled with drama, religion,...

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40 Classic Billiard Room Ideas For The Home

After a long day at work, we all need to relax and have some fun. We may want to go out with friends, but sometimes we’re too tired for that and have to stay indoors and find something to do at home. So why not have a billiard room? A billiard room is basically a recreational room with a pool table, but it can also have other options like a home theater or a family area. A billiard room is one of the best places for indoor recreation. You can invite your friends over to enjoy it, or keep...

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