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Author: Elizabeth Pope

Cook In Color – 8 Fun Kitchen Color Schemes

The hearth has long been the heart of a home. Whether an outdoor camping fire, a medieval fireplace, or a fabulous flashy Viking professional stove, friends and family gather around the warmth of the kitchen. No matter if you aspire to a chef-like setting or prefer to order in, you and your family and guests will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Taking it from bland to bombshell can shift the energy of your entire home, and provide a sanctuary to start and finish each day. One of the best ways to create, feed and sustain...

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28 Charming Seaside Italian Towns You’ll Love

The natural coastal landscape ranges from white sand beaches to glorious craggy cliffs embedded with spectacular caves or grottoes. Speckled across this landscape are whitewashed and sherbet houses, fishing villages, medieval fortresses and castles and historic cathedrals. Italian villages were traditionally located in defensible positions like hilltops, or to take advantage of a port or cove. While each share characteristic qualities including quaintness, welcoming locals and terrific food, each has it’s own particular flavor of delightful history and charm. Many seaside towns may get crowded or touristy, especially during the high season in July and August, or on weekends,...

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