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What is Structurespace?

I’m glad you asked

Why we’re here

A little bit ago, I was doing some research into a new design field I was curious about, and I realized something very quickly; there are very few go-to sources that provide in-depth, at-home eductation for various fields of design. Namely Architecture, Interior Design and other spacial design fields. Besides that, any sources I could find often charged me subscription or course fees for content that was subpar. I created Structurespace to fill that void and create content of value for those looking to pursure their passion of design – just like I did.

Who we’re for

Designers at heart who want to learn more about their current design field or dive into a new field entirely. If you’ve come here to pick up a new hobby, you’re in the right place. If you’re here to hone your design skills in more than one field, you’re in the right place. If you need inspiration on your next design project, you’re in the right place.


In-depth guides on various topics to help you further your applicable knowledge in the field of your choice.


Curated, commentated galleries to provide the inspiration you need in your next project.

Blog Posts

Weekly snippets that touch on trending topics, news and anything else we think you’ll enjoy.

Who we are

Structurespace was started by Joseph Vint in early 2016. It is currently owned and operated by Joseph solely. While relatively new to the world of design, Joseph has had a passion for various design paths since he could remember, leading him to choose a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture program as his primary focus in college. While attending, Joseph decided to start Structurespace. He has since taken a break from school to devote all of his time to makining Structurespace the best that it can possibly be. You’ll have to excuse his particularly old portrait here – he’s never been photogenic enough to have more taken.

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